Welcome lover of feel good food,
we're at your service to help you eat well and be well.
I reckon a lot of us actually know how to live well, and it usually goes along the lines of:
    eating whole, live and often green foods,
    doing revitalizing exercise, and
    being in a good mood (STRESS FREE)


But most of us are actually not eating well and not feeling well, and it's why we (Nicholas and Yasmin) are sharing some really simple ways to eat for energy and for convenience.
Our whole clean foods philosophy with a mind/body approach is helping people to overcome cravings and correct behaviours that are causing dis-ease, diabetes, hormone problems, being overweight, troubled sleeping (and waking), cholesterol & blood pressure problems, inflammation, pain, etc...
And it's not about feeling guilty when you're:
- not following a restrictive diet, or
- not sticking to a heavy workout routine or
- not taking some wonder supplements that cost the earth.
It's about getting into a 'Feel Good Mood', so you can choose good mood foods that continue to enhance your 'Feel Good Mood'.
It's as simple as it sounds and I hope to share more with you on how to get there!
And by "Feel Good", we mean:
    Feeling light and energetic
    Being content and free from cravings
    Feeling optimistic and purposeful
    Being at your ideal weight
    Feeling strong and not worrying about your health or the future

It's the way we are meant to be feeling...
In guiding people towards feeling well, we offer:
Smoothie Cleanse Programs: For the instant 'feel good' effect we supply smoothie cleanses that are pre-made and delivered (signed and sealed with energy) to you. This is the easiest way for you to have superfoods of vitality without having to worry about preparing your next meal.
Personalised Eating plans and Wellness Programs: For the long lasting and self-perpetuating feeling of wellness, we run wellness immersion programmes to guide you in the mindfulness of food, mood and body movement.
Health products and equipment: "Feedmegreen approved" products to help you with your healthy lifestyle, at the best prices (at least 10%below retail).
I also give you the feedmegreen "be well" shopping list with any programs/products purchased to empower you with the knowledge of eating well.
So, if you're fed up trying different diets, sick of your moods fluctuating with your weight like a yo-yo, given up getting rid of stubborn fat, or struggling with chronic lifestyle diseases, then our approach of mindfulness with a wholefoods philosophy may be just the thing to help you.