Wellness Programmes

In the past we’ve found that people start a new fitness or weight loss programme with such enthusiasm only to find that they fall back into old habits.
The reason why most wellness programs are so short-lived is simply because they do not deal with the person as a whole
That’s why we’ve designed integrated wellness programmes that combine individual sessions with continuing self care that not only delivers dramatic results in days, but will help you maintain it.
NO extreme juice fasting! NO extreme exercise! No extreme fad diets!
Wellness that integrates food mood and body
We offer a unique style of somatic coaching (working with you as a whole) combined with our easy and flexible eating program for weight loss and vitality, that can help you shift to a healthy way of being.
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We offer the following types of wellness programmes and events:
Wellness retreats in various peaceful settings that give people an insight through experience
Wellness day workshops that starts you off on your path towards health and an introduction to our 14 or 30 day wellness programme (with regular coaching sessions)
Live-In’ or tailor-made intensive wellness programs with daily coaching sessions – an opportunity to have regular one-on-one sessions with a lifestyle coach is the quickest way to overcome difficult obstacles
Start the transition from a conventional diet and lifestyle, with all the associated addictions, pains, fatigue and disease, to the free and energetic state of healthy living.