Juice Cleanse

These designer combinations of blended & extracted wholefoods and the wellness cleanse guide gives you a powerful start to transforming your health so you can function at your very best, it will help you:

ü Experience the benefits of eating healthy with no effort

ü Detoxify and relieve digestive discomfort

ü Lose weight (if followed long term)

ü Curb cravings and leave you satiated and feeling light

ü Restore energy


A Feedmegreen Cleanse day would look like this:

oStart with lemon water

oDrink the green ALKALISER with spinach, kale, cucumber, parsley, lemon, apple

oHave mid-morning Blood Builder – watermelon, berry, beetroot

oEat a lunch meal guided by the Feedmegreen cleanse list (meals are not included in the cleanse)

oDrink an afternoon Energizer – papaya, pear, pineapple, spinach, lemon, ginger

oHave a light dinner and/or late afternoon veggie juice

oReview moods and mindfulness throughout the day

Depending on your constitution you could go completely liquid (great for those who like a challenge and an intense detox), or have just 2 or 3 smoothies a day to supplement your clean meals. We can design according to your tastes and allergies, and can also make to order, a la carte’ style.





This cleanse is a really easy way to experience foods of vitality short term, and for dramatic long-lasting results, you could integrate your cleanse with Wellness Coaching that may include:

    Exploring current issues, habits and perceptions
    Insight into blockages and how to shift
    Co-creating a personalised wellness and/or weight loss program

    oTailoring eating programs
    oPersonal shopping guidance and cooking training for you and/or your domestic staff
    oMovement and exercise programs

    Daily personalised check-in support from your wellness coach during the program

Sessions are client-led and either done in person or via Skype

Contact Nicholas, your wellness coach to find out more about our integrated wellness for weight loss programs

Mobile: 0824379776, Email: nicholas@feedmegreen.co.za



Pricing and options:

    Each program includes Feedmegreen cleanse guide and Food list to guide you, and
    Pack of frozen/chilled liquid meals (500ml)

    3 day cleanse with 12 smoothies - R450
    5 day light cleanse with 15 smoothies - R600
    5-7 day cleanse with 20 smoothies - R800
    5-7 day integrated cleanse with 20 smoothies and 2 food and wellness coaching sessions – R1500

    Add on Wellness Consultations for deeper personal insight

    Price for 2 sessions: R900
    Price for 4 sessions: R1600

Prices may exclude delivery, Full payment is required on placing the order.