Healthy Decadent Hot Chocolate

Hot banana chocThe autumn chills are biting so I made myself a lovely (raw) hot banana chocolate that not only warmed me up, but energized me and ‘hit the spot’ – satisfying that desire for comfort food after a light lunch. I love incorporating nutrient dense foods into my smoothie mixes and this one has sesame seeds which (with cacao and the other superfoods listed below) boost the body with antioxidants and and is very high in minerals such as calcium and zinc, the immune system
Hot banana choc
Here is the recipe for one cup (wishing I made a little more!):
half a banana
a tablespoon of sesame seeds
3 small dates
a few soaked almonds (5-8)
heaped tsp cacao nibs, or cacao powder, or 3-4 cacao beans
1 heaped tsp Superfood shake from superfoods that has a blend of feelgood superfoods like maca, lucuma, cacao powder, hemp seeds, vanilla…
Extra powder of choice (I used extra lucuma just because I have it) or any other booster you feel like adding – like baobab, or hemp powder
a cup of hot water (or a herbal tea of your choice, I used chamomile to balance the stimulating effect of the cacao)
Blend all ingredients until smooth
Drink with gratitude

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