Mindfulness is Effortless Retreat 27-31 May 2016

A 2 or 4 night retreat to help you take care of the present moment so the future is taken care of.
Body Sensing is a super gentle mindful movement and mindfulness practice that will help you:
    Reduce stress
    Relieve pain
    Restore energy and vitality
    Reshape body and mind
    Learn to make wiser choices
    Embody wellbeing
 Explore how to use your body as a mindfulness tool to make mindfulness available to you everywhere, anywhere and in every moment. This is for you if you are looking for a simple guide to practice mindfulness.

Cleanse Retreat in the mountains

Cleanse your body, detox your mind, connect with nature and be in your body.
3 Day Wellness Cleanse Retreat in the mountains
6-8 May 2016
This intimate weekend retreat near Cape Town explores healing cleansing foods and restoring wellbeing at Volmoed, set in the healing Hemel en Aarde valley near Hermanus, 90min from Cape Town.

14 day wellness program

We've designed a 14 day mindful wellness cleanse programme which combines daily 'Bodysensing' sessions with a continuing self-care programme that not only delivers results in 14 days or less, but will help you maintain it.
"Finally, A Natural, Nutritious And long-lasting Way To Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins, Skyrocket Your Energy Levels, And Evaporate Stubborn Fat, Without Pills Or Potions...In Just 14 Days!"

30 day wellness immersion programme

Sometimes people need more support than just the 14 day prgramme in order to shift from dis-ease and an unhealthy way of life.
The 30 day wellness program is an intensive 'live-in' programme that immerses you in a lifestyle of wellness long enough for you to realise...
what is holding you back and to embed a new way of life.
This is a self-care programme with daily coaching and mindful movement sessions.