Mindfulness is Effortless Retreat 27-31 May 2016

A 2 or 4 night retreat to help you take care of the present moment so the future is taken care of.
Body Sensing is a super gentle mindful movement and mindfulness practice that will help you:
    Reduce stress
    Relieve pain
    Restore energy and vitality
    Reshape body and mind
    Learn to make wiser choices
    Embody wellbeing
 Explore how to use your body as a mindfulness tool to make mindfulness available to you everywhere, anywhere and in every moment. This is for you if you are looking for a simple guide to practice mindfulness.
As well as a daily movement practice and meditation, enjoy walks in nature, delicious vegetarian meals and individual sessions with Yasmin Lambat, a Body Mindfulness Coach and Somatic Movement Therapist and Nicholas Mclean, a Mindful food coach.
Traumas, be they emotional and psychological or physical, involve both the body and the mind. Allopathic medicine usually advocates drug regimes that tend to divorce the mind from the body.
Body Sensing Mindfulness is a Somatic (mind-body) healing practice that uses the body’s innate wisdom to release tension and negative feelings and help to rewire negative moods through centering and realigning our sense of being through movement and mindfulness.
Mindfully integrating breath, mood and movement promotes a sense of harmony, balance and flow which has proved to be particularly effective for people suffering from stress and anxiety and the resulting physical symptoms such as chronic back pain, migraines fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions.
This retreat will involve
    Either a
        shorter 2 night Release & Restore weekend retreat, or
        longer Heal & Re-align 4 night retreat with more time to reflect, integrate, have individual sessions and really retreat
        Daily body sensing movement sessions to experience mindfulness
        Workshops to understand, gain insight and share experiences and wisdom
        Mindful eating, walking and swimming in nature
        Free time for relaxation, therapiestime spent in solitude
Included in the cost of this retreat:
    Daily Body Sensing sessions - suitable for all levels of mobility
    Morning and evening meditation and movement
    Daily guided activities and workshops, including mindful nature walks
    2 (or 4) nights accommodation at Bodhi Khaya Retreat Centre
    wholesome vegetarian food
    Information resources to support your continuing
Optional Extras
    One-on-one bodysensing therapy and life coaching
    Shuttle service between Bodhi Khaya and Cape Town International Airport
 Dates:             Friday from 27 May till Sun 29 May, or extended till Tuesday 31st May
 Venue:            Bodhi Khaya Retreat centre, Gansbaai
 Cost:                3 day retreat: R2750, R3000, R3850, 5 day retreat: R5250, R5850, R7500
(accommodation choice: single shared, shared premium, or single premium)